Monday, 17 February 2014

The world is your oyster #conquerseries #wk3

Imagine knowing that you have accomplished what you dream to achieve. This is what my goal has given me. Take the significant & highly important sports psychology tab out of the equation & you have something even more pure...self actualisation.

For those that are aware of Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs you will know that self actualisation is the pinnacle we all try to achieve. But I'd rather not suggest that self discovery was linear but rather a series of twist and turns, ascents & descents that make up the topography of a mountain. I do not consider that I have come to know myself entirely and am completely content despite my known flaws and talents but rather that in almost 3 decades I have never known myself better than I do now.

Everybody's life teaches them what they need in the timing- pleasant or not initially there is always a positive to be taken away from things. This was one thing that I had to learn. For one reason or another the more I looked the more I found sadness in my life, like life was wrapped up in sheets of blue instead of sunlight yellow. The more I paid attention to blue the bluer things got; yet my affinity was always with yellow. Right now you are questioning my intelligence right? Fair enough. This is what we do when we let choice, our mind, rule over us. One thing sports psychology, positive affirmations and faith gave me was the ability to strive for and live for the positives.

It's not always easy, in fact sometimes it's very hard, but just like running your first 4km of stairs it gets a lot easier and you start doing it more automatically. There's one problem with positivity though...Positivity has many guns being pointed at it. You see blue tries to take over frequently, invade our heads & we have to challenge it back. Till it becomes habit.

I love it when someone says to me, you know your climbing the largest mountain in the world right?! You know it'll be cold right? You know you have to train for that, and like a lot Jules?! I think to, I didn't know that at all I'm just gonna pay thousands, rock up & wing it. I mean only 1 in 4 die who do. No biggie. Say what?!! Are people for real? People are always trying to undermine each other, it's our power play. But nothing is better than positivity. What can a man say if you know you will succeed? Is he really going to argue with you in that? I can tell you for a fact- No he won't. The only person in life & goal setting that needs to be prepared is YOU. Whether someone believes in you or not has to do with their own faith, motivation, determination, NOT yours.

Sometimes that path is lonely, it took me over a year for people to realise I was serious & they saw me get up for 5am gym sessions, complete 13/14hr days to satisfy work and training. They saw me lift 80kg, jump 800 squats, run kilometres on end of stairs, transform from a meatlovers gal to a doting vegetarian and still didn't believe. None of that matters. You get up for you, when everyone realises you believe in you they are sold. That's all they need. This doesn't mean they'll understand you or want to connect with you though...this is my newest struggle. Being determined and motivated you'd think is what the world is craving based on memes and general popular culture but I'm fact it's the opposite...people don't know how to get there (be someone so acutely aware of what you want and striving so seriously for it) and so you become someone that they respect but nothing more... They are disconnected. Having serious goals, and living them each day, I used to think that is how a lot of people live but in fact it's not. They don't know how to get there.

To me striving for something, being positive and knowing you will be successful makes you confident, better at work and better at life. The fact that you do it completely on your own at times (there's been plenty of people supporting me don't get me wrong) makes it even more of an accomplishment. People always want recognition for what they do, setting goals and achieving them without expecting recognition and knowing full well you won't get it even if you asked, is motivation in itself. Your work (your body, your fitness, your fresh persona) will speak for itself.

Personally I don't want people to miss out on how amazing it is to know what you are capable of and be completely free of self doubt. So my next post (separate to this series) will be about freeing yourself and letting that sunlight yellow in.

I hope you enjoyed this post. Please share any similar experiences with me.


  1. Wow, what a goal, lady! This post is so inspirational and so indicative of the 'tall poppy syndrome' Australia seems obsessed with. I'm so inspired by your drive and your courage to not only challenge yourself physically like this but also your incredible spirit to keep going despite what other people say!

    I saw this great quote today 'the more you love your decisions, the less you need others to love them'. This is such a great example of that.

    Rock on and best of luck with your journey!

    1. Thank you so much! I really love how I have come to be this way, this is why I am telling my story people need to know they are missing out on the freedom they could feel if they changed their mindset! :)