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Living a positively peachy life #conquerseries

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Hello lovelies, last week I said I would share with you my secrets to being a positively peachy person so I'm unleashing the goods! Being positive allows yourself to be free, realise your untapped potential for yourself and embrace who you are- yes it sounds warm and fuzzy and that's exactly how you feel day in day out when you choose positivity!

So we know how positivity towards something (like a goal) can help us achieve great heights but how do you maintain positivity throughout your week? Your month? Try my secret tips to a positively peachy life.

1. Figure out what consumes your thoughts. Why do you do the things that you do? Is it just for pleasure or a greater plan? Do you have a reason? Does it matter that you don't? We all think about things we consider to be important but sometimes their true importance is far less than the amount of time we give them. Gain a sense of reality about what should be taking up your time- then you'll know what you need to fix and what is wasteful thinking!
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2. Base everyday on reality- life goes up and down; if it is down now it'll soon be making its way up. Through this thought alone we can focus on a positive outcome- its not about 'hoping' it will happen we know it will happen.

3. Pay attention to your verbs- the more 'should's' we say the greater ability we have to feel we haven't accomplished something in our day. Speak in 'wills' then you will feel less obligated to do things you don't have time for or don't feel like, leaving you feeling more fulfilled and also more accomplished.

4. Instead of thinking 'why did this happen?' ask yourself 'how does this event fit my plan or grow me?' Basically remove the cons from your pros and cons list. There is a good reason for everything happening. It's just sometimes we find out years later.

5. Do things for yourself. Take selfies and post them, talk to yourself lovingly, pamper yourself with nights off cooking, days at the beach, a cheeky almost-unaffordable getaway, a massage and DON'T feel guilty. Guilt is just a way of negativity creeping in again, you deserve to be positively happy, so don't let it win. You should also never feel like you should 'get back into your shell' other people are uncomfortable because you are comfortable with who you are and that is (for some) miles away from where they are; remind them they are missing out by being unapologetically yourself.

6. Laugh. Force yourself if you have to (I definitely have had to at times, positivity is really hard when you get really bad news so its important to make yourself). Delve into your comedy collection of films and laugh yourself senseless if necessary.

It makes me smile that you guys think I'm pretty and funny like I just wana hug every single one of you.

7. Notice others. You might recall my love challenge and a post on Random Acts of Kindness- this comment is the same- notice other people, their lives, what they do for each other, what they do for people they don't know and celebrate humanity. Tell people about what you witness. No one around? Get on your Twitter or Facebook soapbox and hashtag it to the heavens then write it down and stick it up somewhere as a constant reminder of the GOOD in life.

8. Remove and reject negativity. MOST IMPORTANT. This is also one of the most difficult things to do and with tact. You need to make it clear that you are about being positive, that you will look for it in every situation and that negative people aren't who you want to hang around. Get comfortable with saying it, believing and living it. And tell those struggling with it to try and be more positive.

9. KNOW YOURSELF. So the last one is very important but all of these things I've mentioned is null and void if you don't do the MOST IMPORTANT THING FOR YOURSELF IN YOUR LIFE which is knowing who you are warts and all and getting comfortable with it. Jennifer Anniston is not even perfect despite what the media suggests. Be prepared to list your strengths and weaknesses as a person. Why is that highlighted? You are not your job, you are who you choose to be, who are you as a person? How does this help with positivity you might ask? When life presents you with challengers, people who question who you are, you can celebrate a positive relationship (they know you well) or confidently reject falsehood with a smile.

10. Smile- regardless of how shocking your day is force yourself to smile- it makes a BIG difference.
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11.  Use mantras. I used to think that positive mantras were an Eastern hoodoo that only the air headed would get involved in. Oh how wrong I was. A mantra, for those who don't know, are a short positive phrase you say to yourself to reiterate the knowledge you already have about something or yourself. They are absolutely worth adopting. You probably think I haven't had injuries and have had perfect fitness my whole life especially since adopting this goal. Wrong. In fact I have injured my ankles playing football approximately 16 times, an avid user of my own wobble board didn't stop the fact that getting on and off trains in London would give me momentary nightmares (whilst awake) of my ankle breaking and being at right angles to my tibia and fibula. I was honestly quite afraid of stepping on and off trains, that is ridiculous! Either way you cannot attack a goal with doubt in your mind about the capability of your body. So, I have a mantra for when/ if my ankles' proprioceptors (the sensors that allow our body to know where it is in space and time) over correct on uneven ground. The mantra is simply, 'slow, steady, you're strong'. It is based on knowledge of myself and what I have to do- go slow, steady your mind and remember you are strong. I have used it on various hikes, sometimes I say it at any given point other times I've said it when I have got a minor scare and my anxiety towards a mass injury disappears, resulting in sustained focus. Hence why now I can do approximately 4000 jump squats a week, putting my ankles under a lot of stress, and nothing ever happens. Point being...adopt a mantra. Now.

12. Positivity/Motivation board- get your favourite quotes off Pinterest about positivity, motivation, fitness, courage and determination and plaster them about your bedroom or a space you frequent a lot. Make the quotes/images the wallpaper for your Ipod/IPad or mobile phone. Surround yourself with constant reminders of positivity.
Motivation boards- just one of the tips to living positively that you'll find on today's blog post

12. Music, music, music- in case you haven't guessed this one is about tunes. Just like the positivity or motivation board music really gets your mood going. If you use apps like Spotify you can access their already made playlists for various moods or alternatively create your own like mine...Bright and Fun. In the morning get ready to the happy tunes for the day- it'll really set the tone. Plus let's face it music is always better than television!

So there are all my tips. Now that you've read them please don't expect an overhaul overnight. Many people think, I've changed my mindset why isn't it working now? That is because a mindset isn't changed until you experience many challenges. For me my challenges were with people who were used to focussing on negatives because of fear. I had to explain to them that I didn't want a life run by fear but rather confidence and fun- you are in effect asking someone to think about a mindset they have had for their whole life though, that's tough. Other challenges I encountered was finding how to be positive when life got tough. It's not easy knowing people are suffering and you are being positive- but the way I see it is like this...anyone suffering wants a positive person around them not a negative one so think of your positivity as a benefit, it is in essence not about you it is about noticing someone else (which is a tip to more positivity!). These two examples I've shared really are the hardest challenges, they seem simple but until you experience them it's hard to relate. Last but not least realise as well that challenges won't stop happening but overcoming them is the best part- it fuels more positivity and happiness.

I hope you have enjoyed this post & have been able to take something away from it. Please feel free to leave comments. Till next time...

Jules xo

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