Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Celebrating success

Celebrate success
Yesterday you were clued in to the methods of becoming a positive person so today I am going to continue with that theme.

A big part of our life is spent on the rigmarole wheel, because we operate in a series of everyday patterns sometimes we forget to celebrate the simple things in life that make us happy and that at times we take for granted. One of my first serious boyfriends was a doozy of a partner and his family had some rather questionable concepts that frequented their rigmarole wheel however one thing, despite all their bogan-ism, that they understood, was how to celebrate life's little successes and have gratitude for even the small things. This would happen at least once a week over family dinner where they would light a candle and take time to talk as a family about those little successes. For all the interesting ideals this ex and his family had this was definitely one worth remembering, it is something that I adopted and since I have experience how lovely it makes me feel reflecting on the good I am going to continue it.

Celebrating success regardless of how you do it is very important. Sometimes success is just about celebrating your ability to make the effort to do something you couldn't really be bothered to do. Like getting the washing in quickly as the rain starts falling, getting up and out of bed for exercise despite hearing rain spitting on the window panes or making dinner when you could easily go and get McDonalds each night. Irrespective of how small or big success is it still needs to be measured. This is especially important in today's society where effort is less valued and everything is far easier, quicker and less drama for us to do things; thanks to technological advances.

Today all I want to do is encourage you to celebrate some of your success, small or big. Write a list about them and take note of how you feel. You may also find when you write about your own success you can imagine success in the characters' lives that you write about and that it in fact changes your perspective on stories and plot development. After all sometimes it's the simplest things that get audiences connected the most.

So here is my little bit of success to share with you this week:
1. I tried on my bodysuit that I haven't worn for 4 years yesterday & it fits. That is the first time since I hired my own personal trainer (back in 2008/09) that I have been toned enough to pull it off comfortably again- except this time I'm even more comfortable than before!
Photo: Thanks to pursuing further qualifications, building my knowledge base, being committed & not taking no for an answer I'm back in my bodysuit after 4years without the help of a PT & the fittest I've ever been in my life. It's been a goal in the making for almost 2years...Something worth celebrating now! #hooray #celebrate #feelinggood #bodysuit #toned #strong #fit #healthy #motivated #determined #deserved #nopt #allme #nutrition #trainingcycles

There is a whole lot more I have written down for myself as well that is worthwhile celebrating, but I'd rather keep that private. What success stories would you like to share? Please share any success stories of your week so far that you are happy about....  small or big. Till next time,

Stay positive :)

Celebrate success

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