Wednesday, 27 February 2013

February 27's forecast

So its the second last day of Feb hey?! I wonder how those February 29ers are feeling? Ridiculously young and good looking? I can imagine all the age cards you can't get on this day. Today its raining again like crazy, it has been raining in Queensland for 3 days now and already people are dreaming of sunshine again because hell we are feeling sad. To me this is quite ironic because when I lived in London I was told to be aware of the 'SAD' syndrome where weather affects how you are feeling and to take a break to the sunshine. The difference? London might see 3 days of sunshine in 3 weeks consistently and Australia has seen 3 days of rain in 3 weeks of sunshine. hahahaha. What great little idiosyncrasies you find in humanity when you travel.

Last year I went to the Brisbane Writer's Festival. It was fantastic. There was plenty of authors to see who a mind field of interesting tips you could take on and assist you revolutionise yourself and your writing, but the biggest thing that kept patterning its way through conversations was the fact that the authors encourage you to canvas society and look for the idiosyncrasies you find, the interesting things that we do and the comparisons we can make between people who are otherwise no different to us. Australia is full of idiosyncrasies because like many other nations we are abundantly multicultural; makes for some damn good writing. With this is mind I am going to share with you a piece I wrote in the Brisbane Airport as soon as I landed back from London, it sheds light on the immediate differences I saw between my longest standing experiences. Living in Queensland, Australia and Living in London. Unfortunately I cannot get the link to work, so please read...A 'Duality of sorts...'

As you ponder on those thoughts, here's an image summing up the current situation here. Enjoy your day! No matter the weather!

                                                    Image courtesy of Jason Vella

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