Tuesday, 9 April 2013

A welcomed distraction

This morning I took my iPad out with the intention of writing the typical blog post about how my life feels like its playing 'na na' games with a couple of simple things I wanted to be happening. Instead in 15 minutes I created a short story that goes like this...enjoy the journey...


I walked into my local coffee shop nonchalantly plonked myself down at a seat facing the windows, I could see the trees blowing swiftly through the dull white back drop. The morning had been a flurry of abuse to a seemingly absent God who had so far denied me the desire of the man of my dreams by my side. As I had been going about my random chores there was no doubting the neighbors would have thought I was somewhat 'interesting' as I hurled abuse at the men who had entered my life and left it for the sake of achieving animalistic rights...though I was accompanied by no one.

As I look to my 10 o'clock, thick framed glasses, perfectly ironed blue stripped shirt, pensive look and owner of two masculine yet pleasant hands destroyed my earlier argument; that I would be giving up the idea of a man to share memories with. In a bid to refocus myself I start thinking about the Disney princesses and the hardcore task of card writing, yet I'm still distracted. My eye turns, I'm like a 13 year old girl who just discovered One Direction.

How is it that when I had somewhat convincingly agreed that a life of travel and exploration would satisfy my desire to be complete, a good looking man had to present himself? So inconvenient. In a town that plated up 40 men to 1 single female you'd think you'd have it easy right? Think again. It had seemed that over time I'd acquainted myself with men worthy of a 'indecent exposure' bumper sticker; any exposure for a long period of time was more likely to come at the expense of a public wee-fest post pub session than a second date.

I had always described to my friends the importance of being the fine dining option instead of fast food when it came to relationships, but the dating scene left me with huge statistics of most men being fast food lovers. Hence, I return to this mornings rant and how I was luckily plated up with the potential for business style fine dining. It appeared this moment of which the said man remained in serious, intellectual business conversation with a colleague, was enough to inspire perhaps another effort towards the desires from which I thought the big man upstairs had alluded to entertain me with.

An hour past, I did the regular errands and looked around at a few extra shops as if to feel like I had the money or occasion for the items I laid my eyes on. After realizing the prospect of events in the near future as opposed to things I became highly motivated to depart the shopping complex for fear of purchasing the unexpected.

As I left the store I in fact became acquainted with the unexpected again, said business man with black frames, appeared before me. It happened twice. I must have been a little bamboozled and trying to over think (as most women do) the intention for this dual sighting but I was stunted by thoughts telling me to calm the heck down as shopping centers and stores were able to be accessed frequently and in no apparent order by whomever they wish. Realizing my overreaction I headed for the ladies toilet to powder my nose and calm down some more, when I was given another unexpected surprise.

A very decent, handsome looking man also dressed in business attire. He had a cracker of a smile and was clothe grooming his black jacket. It seemed whatever was happening the God I once cursed earlier in the day was perhaps getting down to business.

Who knows what's next?

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