Friday, 19 April 2013

The acid of society

It's no surprise that the world is in chaos. I'd say more than ever but I'm not so sure that's true. I think perhaps there's just been more atrocities in countries that govern the media and 'rule' the free world. But we are not free, we are bound together in mourning by hate crimes.

This week's news surrounding the Boston Marathon was devastating but did it shock me? No. I'm not a woman without a heart, I could just see how once small inappropriate attitudes and behaviours once accepted now blow up in our face.

Look in the newspaper, we need only see countless articles on the disrespect we dish out to others on a daily basis, and since we are human its not about to end, but why is it that it takes a tragedy for compassion? A shock to rock our thinking? Is it because we fail to want to speak to those that challenge us for fear?

Three things I feel compelled to write about, two of which are not the cheeriest of topics, and the last a triumph out of the Boston disaster.

1. People meet people on a daily basis, we make perceptions of others and sometimes we assume what we want to simply because it's easier. Today I saw an article written by about the most annoying people on Facebook, to sum it on it drags on about people who celebrate family, healthy living, new experiences and success they achieve.

Why bother me? Well we all have been bothered by someone's inappropriate use of technology at time to time but what's wrong with loving who you are and what you're good at? We only need to look at statistics and hear the news with a critically thinking mind to know the tragedy of suicide is rife among society & it's ridiculous articles like these that suggest having pride in yourself is an annoying trait. Go get an injection of happiness! I'd rather be surrounded by people with a positive approach to life where people's 'likes' of encouragement are supported and not belittled. When is it ok, if not in your own space ( too bad Facebook isn't called facespace) to share with Friends the good you enjoy? If we want a positive world we need to create one and it starts by removing cynicism and celebrating what is good about the places we live in and the people we chose to spend time with. Surely events like the Boston Marathon ordeal would amplify that need.

2. Why don't we notice the atrocities occurring in smaller nations throughout the world? Why does it take a 'powerhouse' nation to get us to listen? I dislike immensely the events I hear about in the news; power hungry North Korea, Boston Marathon bombings, gun violence in the States & the NRA not caring; out of control Thatcher protesters but still who is stopping all those women getting raped on their way each day to clean water in Africa? Or the young girls of Cambodia and the like trafficking themselves? Children without decent homes in our own countries whilst we adopt elsewhere? Families starving because 'powerhouse' nations hold large stocks of the food, or happily waste what is adequate to eat? Again without forcing action, peacefully and sensibly, what will ever change? As a Christian we are taught that humans are God's mouthpiece, hands and feet- we aren't doing much good, or if we sit back silent or demand little to nothing of our leaders. On the flip side, if we are doing good why aren't we making it be known?

I guess so far I have spoken about essentially, when it comes to morale, the same thing. No one is more valuable then the next, our choices and opinions depict our beliefs & our actions even more. So you can imagine my response when I hear..

3. Comments made by Americans post Boston Marathon saying that people should NOT assume that it was an act of terrorism by Muslim people (roughly those lines). I sat as a proud person that day knowing someone, just one person even, chose to value all people the same and not be quick to pass judgement. As someone with Muslim friends branded by the world, I felt like in that moment we were 'moving forward' (as Julia Gillard would say).

So what's the acid of society? Our own ability to refuse to see our pitfalls and where we must improve. Therefore, the way I see it society is as acidic as we will it to be.

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