Friday, 5 April 2013

The return...

Hello everyone Happy April!! It's been a rather crazy busy time for me, I've driven  approximately 1200 kilometres in the past week visiting loved ones and having a smashing time. Today I find myself in Queensland's capital with none other than a couple of good books and a fine reading couch.

Recently I have been writing like crazy & enjoying time with others & having a little but of free time for myself. Easter's chocolates devoured my body, so today it's no surprise the titles I'm reading are Nancy Clark's Sports Nutrition & Athletic Strength for Women. I could say that I'm disappointed in my lack of healthy eating or my attentiveness to the technological world but the more I've rested the more beauty I see in others. Here's a literary reel of smile worthy moments of late:

*6year old boy says to Dad at McDonalds 'Hey Dad, all people from different countries drive cabs hey?'

*Old ladies around a cafe table, 'I've become so stubborn in my old age, I wouldn't have given a shit about half the things I did before I was old and grey..actually white. Now, now it's blue peg with blue peg why do I care?'...moment passes, same lady drops her fork and fails to pick it up 3 times, 'isn't it so marvelous when your body turns limp and fails you, what am I doing on the floor?'

*A young couple are going for their relaxing morning ride when the boyfriend loses sight of the future because he is gazing into his woman's eyes only to be awkwardly struck by a building's awning.

*The moment when an infant shares their 'first time' moment with you and you're the only witness!

*When you see the signs of Big W and Woolworths standing loud and proud as discount stores whilst Oroton and Guess sits quietly underneath, hidden.

*Going outside, thinking its all calm and you get caught in a random sun shower drenching all your clothes.

These are just a few of the things I have enjoyed by just resting. They say to 'BE STILL' is one of the hardest things. I think it'll only get worse as we combat our own desires, society pressures & time but time truly is the greatest gift we can give each other. Recently I discovered the art of scheduling. I want to talk about this.

Our world loves a schedule, tasks, to do lists and reminders but none of this gets us back to what is important...each other. We should schedule to maximize time with loved ones not maximize time away from them. And I don't mean doing two things at once, I think we can all agree we are left with two unfinished projects or two things done half as good as they could be.

I love writing, you won't catch me without pen and paper but I write when I feel something or when I'm on my own. I have for a few weeks now scheduled time for blogging and used scheduled posts. Now I can reduce that even more! I don't need a 7am morning cafe run and a write up instead I 'timetable' when I'll blog. I've noticed family is happier, I'm happier and my lifestyle is far more balanced. A win, win I say! So howdo you get your wins and make advances at the same time, for your writing and your life?

Well best be going, off to soak up the splendor of the day.

Bon voyage till next time....

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