Sunday, 7 April 2013

'Raw'-ing speeches

Hello! I can't believe we are almost ready to bring in another week and I'm coming to the end of my epic travelling adventure. My friends Suzy and Jayson were wed yesterday; the wedding and celebrations to follow were the perfect way to end the trip.

It was such a beautiful, intimate wedding of about 60 people; it made you feel super special that you were on the guest list. Of the five weddings I have attended to wedding made me feel the least worried about the impending future. I think it was because despite the service being the most serious I have encountered, thus far, Suzy and Jayson really were so incredibly excited that they were to be sharing 'forever' with each other. I suppose it helped to that no relatives were there saying, 'When's your turn?'

My favourite part of the day were the speeches. Your probably thinking, well that's a no brainer; but it wasn't that they were mulled on for hours but rather more impromptu prose that reflected the core of each person's experiences with the couple. Some were serious, some made you laugh, some made you cry and some did all those things at once.

What I'm saying is, through speech and spur of the moment conversation raw emotions are conveyed perfectly.

Sometimes when I write, whether it be an essay or a card to a loved one on their big day I always strive for rawness. Hence at times I'll be the crazy person talking to myself until the right words come- it's not madness it's just another way to get things to work. So...I hope you leave a little room for Sunday crazies!

Till next time...

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