Wednesday, 1 May 2013

The coffee moment

Hello everyone! Happy May! So much to write its not funny. Lately I started clean eating that means no sugar, coffee and processed foods..yep all the good stuff. It has been 10 days since I began this challenge & it really tests my inner strength.

Prior to living on England I had clean eating down pat. I had the odd treat but I exercised 20+ hours a week and ate so well it was a habit and an attitude. It felt great.

Enter choc croissants, late nights and McDonalds' meals cheaper than a single train fare and you've got the success to bulk an overweight cow. So how have I gone so far?

Honestly it's easier but then came Tuesday. Yes 3 days in to the diet.

5pm, finished the work day. Things were looking up, until I couldn't function enough to make a cup of green tea, I was going to be late by 10 minutes on my planned dinner meal because I forgot an ingredient & the workout sun was quickly disappearing. Meltdown came, 'I can't do this I'm going to strangle someone, gets out of here' were my exact comments..being reassured by my mother helped a little and reminded me what's more important..that I had all dinner's ingredients. I drove to Coles employing breathing strategies & calming music strategies none of which successfully reduced my 180 beat heart rate. Then like the light at the end of the tunnel it appeared.

Coffee Club. Yes. A mellocino was to be my saving grace. I ordered, heart rate 120. Sat at the table heart rate 90. In a minutes time..60 beats a minute and then the golden billion arrived. My Mello! One sip, heart rate reached just 53, second sip..a mild 46. It was clear my heart rate was immediately restored, my energy regained and no one strangled in the process. Phew!

What did I learn? Sometimes you have to listen to your body. Had I not, I would have strangled someone- probably with poor words or choices (other than actual physical strangulation). A diet wasn't worth that, no matter how great my will.

So now, 10 days later I'm feeling healthier, refreshed and my running/exercise is so much easier. It's brilliant. I can't say I'm totally void of coffee yet but going from 7+ to 3 makes me proud and for now I'm enjoying my success.

Come next week ill know ill be doing well still and that's what counts. I guess with anything you need to celebrate success, stay positive and push the struggles aside. No matter how small.

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