Thursday, 21 February 2013

A Love Challenge extravangza!

Good Morning peoples. So naturally I guess it goes without saying, I owe you much. I have been quite absent of late. So this one is going to be BIG. First I must update you on the days I have missed for the Love Challenge. The ones that I have listed in chronological order I am going to dot point so that it is quicker and easier.

Day 9, 10, 11, 12, 13
  • I love how people can sit in silence and enjoy the scenery.
  • I love how children smile and say hello even if they don't know you.
  • I love how children don't care of your age they still feel like they have something to teach you, adults are tainted by experience and feel like without it perhaps they don't have something to teach- its not a good thing...we should learn from children.
  • I love how the rain rejuvinates the earth, and makes things new- but also how fire can damage the earth and also still make things new- its natures proof that through bad things good things still prevail.
  • I love how people volunteer their time for valuable causes in a selfless manner. 
  • Extra ones, but who cares- I love it when in hardship great friends are there to lift you up, take your mind off things and make you smile.
  • I love it when you learn knew things and your mind because a buzz of excitement.

Day 14- Valentine's Day- this day was spent with some great friends doing one of my other greatest passions that give me peace...singing. But while this is what I loved about the day what I loved the most was the fact that one of my friends approach a man who was sitting on his own looking rather miserable to join the group so that he wouldn't be alone. I thought that was a lovely thought.

Day 15, 16, 17, 18

  • I love how men strike up the courage to say hello to women and even if they make a fool of themselves they still think its worthwhile.
  • I love it how people apologise if they feel like they haven't given you the attention right then and there, just because they are courteous and they care.
  • I love it how people say things just as they are because beating around the bush isn't an act of loving another...saying things how they are is loving someone, no matter how harsh it first seems.
  • I love it when you can laugh with a friend until you cry and it doesn't matter if it doesn't make sense.

Day 19- On Tuesday night I landed myself in hospital, it wasn't a pleasant experience by any stretch of the imagination. When I arrived in the hospital via ambulance, the ambulance officer tucked me in to my hospital bed- just one lovely extra touch of someone who does that little bit extra in their job.

Day 20- Today. Finally I've caught up, I know what your thinking. This blogger is one slack lady. Today I'm grateful for 3 things already, but I suppose they come under one banner. This morning I received messages from people who are colleagues that said they were pleased I was feeling better and that they missed me at work...this is the first time in a very long time I have experienced such genuine, loveliness in the workplace- I have always known where I work was fabulous and that I am very fortunate but it is times like these that it just affirms it more. I also recieved messages from good friends, some of which have been massive support and provided great joy (perhaps little did they know) recently. On top of that my current house sitting client, Jane (and I suppose boss as well), contacted me to make sure I was ok as well. It just makes me feel so incredibly wrapped up in love. How can anyone feel alone when there is such great people around?! Bless them all.

Phew...that's a heck of a lot of love going on there. But I have finally caught up. I some respects, though I'm sure you are thinking, wow this chick is lazy, its nice that I can still remember the effects and that when I go back over them I can think my goodness there's been so much going on. I find it so refreshing to write these down. How can you think of bad when you are wrapped up in love? It just proves that focusing on the positive is superb! Please check out the following posts for Inspiration Station, Already Read & my general posting of what's been going on lately.

Please do also share with me what's new & thanks to those new readers! I get a kick out of seeing a new person joining each time. I would love to know more about you!

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