Sunday, 3 February 2013

Inspiration Station strikes again

This week's Inspiration Station- you might notice that this is from a statue in St Pancras Station in London. This image depicts much of what I began encouraged to write about when I first arrived in London. I'd love to know what you are writing though, words are meant to be shared in my opinion! Here's what I wrote when I saw people heading off to work in hoards. No offence intended of course to the Brits, after all I would be insulting myself considering I am British as well, this is just what I noticed in comparison to what I was used to in Australia.

'Monday to Friday I ride the train to work with faceless zombies, on Saturday the lights come on in peoples' eyes. The zombies turn to children, hoards of children filled with joy, laughter, expression and excitement. Everyone has suddenly discovered they are human again until Monday blues start to precipitate on Sunday evening.' (Julia Trask 2012)

So what are you encouraged to write about from this picture?

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