Friday, 8 February 2013

Make it a passion

Passion. Possibly one of the most overused words, usually decorated in saucy cards to suggest a spicing up of relational flavours, but its the long lasting passion that never goes away and grants the most satisfaction. Whether you decide to pay attention to the passion or put it off, real passion will never go away. When I started writing it was a way a communicating how I felt about the boy I liked for 2 days in year 9, as I grew older it became very much the vessel for what so many thought was its initial purpose; to entertain whilst communicating some very important social/life lessons (at least). But sadly what I have found is there are so many book that say the same things, that present peachy views of life, that don't depict a view of having and harvesting a healthy passion that is long lasting.

I have many passions, which I have mentioned before, but one things for sure, my passions never require me to 'stop' - as in I never want to stop doing them because I gain so much joy from them and I don't care how silly I look doing them. When I first moved to an outback town in Queensland I used to have people stare at me and comment 'What's she doing? Why is she a loner? Why does she choose to be a loner?' Little did they know I was concocting my next book/ prose and in fact I was well and truly entertained. Once they knew what I was doing they were interested in my projects and wondered how you find time for writing when I work pretty long hours, but when I write I'm not looking at the clock going 'dang it another hour.' Saying that I make mistakes. Note my previous post. Total shocker. I didn't take time and care, but I totally love that you enjoyed editing my work...perhaps I did it on purpose huh?! :p

Today I wanted to share with you not only this quote but another blog I have started following, Ladies Holiday, you should get on board and have a look at the images they post taken by their followers each week, they are impressive. Plenty of inspiration to draw from..its always good supporting others, after all I think we are all artists in our own right. So go to to check it out NOW!

Despite the confusing post yesterday I hope that you enjoyed my snippits of the Love Challenge. Today I have Day 7 for you, I'll post Day 8 later.

Day 7
- I love that when people are given a challenge they always want to rise to the occasion.
- Yesterday I learnt of several communities that are binding together to help other communities that are severely struggling after the floods. I love the people are willing to sacrifice their money but far more significantly their TIME to help others and they do it so happily.
-I love seeing husbands and wives both sacrificing things for each other and making comprises- saw a couple at karaoke who decided to sacrifice a television show to sing instead, sacrificed embarrassment and chose to share a moment together.

Day 8...we'll see I'm looking forward to it!

Now...since we are seeing what love is out there, what about spreading love, I'm not talking about the self gratifying ideas of 'love' which is actually lust, I mean actually caring about others, through the little things we do. What can you do? Share with me what you are doing to turn frowns upside down? Last year when I was living in London I used to get a little down about people who wouldn't make eye contact or even smile on the train, I have expressed that sentiment before, it not only compelled me to write but it also compelled me to DO SOMETHING. So I gave myself a challenge, which started out a little frightening but ended up giving me a great gut feeling and I was looking for the next way to complete it each the link for a read on my challenge I threw myself.

Now for Already Read...this week its a segment from the first page of The Hobbit from JR Tolkien. The description at the beginning of the novel is exquisite. If it doesn't rope you in to working on your descriptive writing or reading the rest of his epic story instead of indulging in the movie, I don't know what will.

Till next time...

Jules :)

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