Sunday, 10 February 2013


It's Sunday, I'm chilled out on the sun deck, two gorgeous golden retrievers at my feet and a spa sitting metres away borking at me as if to say 'you know you want to.' It's right I'm totally keen to jump in and become attacked by its mischievous bubbles. But for a moment I want to spend time with you, it's short & sweet today. I'm writing this bit of text as it comes to my mind, so excuse it's rawness..

Time is the most important thing you have, we each have 24 one hour slices of our pie a day. We may choose to spend it on what we desire, some things we give more hours to and others less. We are told that when it counts at the end our pie pieces don't count, but in fact they do. You see pie is not about eating it for ourselves and being nourished its about getting nourished to commit to the pie again. Those around you, black, blue, purple, Muslim, Christian or not will look at your pie and see in very short spaces of time what you care about the most, they will then hear your words...the mouth never spoke for the feet. Cherish those who are honest but not harmful and pray for those who are contradicting the very persons they are. For those who are afraid give them the ability to have actions that silence the loudest. Don't burden yourself with changes that you won't see n your lifetime or that cannot be made regardless of what you do. Know yourself, love it & when someone tries to rip you to pieces don't forget how brilliantly strong you are. Love others but don't be fooled into using time unwisely who claim to hear but have no ears. Sing loudly, kiss slowly, dance properly, take some stupid risks & enjoy those who imprint positively on your life. You'll never look back and say they weren't worth their slice of your daily pie or your matter how short or long they were there.

Day 8 &9 Love Challenge....I love that great friends become family & I love love meeting new ppl and they suddenly become protective because they think a person is worthwhile, I love that in the country ppl are simple and ppl too but it takes stripping off a few layers (metaphorically of course!)

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