Saturday, 23 February 2013

It's only just begun...the first story starter

When I say I promise I mean it. So I said I would endeavour to provide you with a beginning/ a start to the Inspiration Station images that were posted yesterday, so here goes. Share with me where it takes you..or if you can it and go somewhere else. I'm an open book & certainly have LOTS to learn still. Enjoy!

It was the day after. I'd awaken from the shelter, walked to the end of the street and decided to see what the aftermath was of the torrential rain that I'd experienced the day before. I can remember how rushed my mind was as I filled my bag with the essentials while the water was quickly rising higher  in my bedroom earlier that day. Our town was lucky, we were given plenty of warning to be prepared but with the trouble with storm water drains and living close to a river it still came sooner than we thought.

As I walked outside the shelter and down the street, along the bike path I noticed how tranquil the town had become so soon after the flood had come and gone. The leaves were so beautiful scattered across the path showing their array of colours, the birds were singing delightfully in the trees and the trees once windswept in cyclonic motions now peacefully still. As I lifted my head towards the immediate horizon I noticed a boat. I wondered how it got there, what was it's story. Did someone use it for rescues the night before? And why was it placed near this swollen billabong? I suppose it was one of many stories that would emerge from the flood waters. .......(YOUR TURN!)

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