Friday, 22 February 2013

Typewriting the placard

Ever wondered what it would be like if writers had there own sign up days like sports days? Placards would litter city streets requesting the company of talented artists to a coffee shop nearby where, if in an alternate time, people would flock with hard leather cases unclip their heavy duty bags, and sit on top of the wooden legged desk a rather heavy duty type writing machine. The click, click, click would permeate conversation about what to write, how to change what had already been written and the notes on where the group would meet next. These days I turn up to Coffee Club with Snow White, my aptly named white Toshiba laptop and I am a pleb of the technological world because I do not have an IPad. I'm already backwards. I might as well have entered the cafe with a brick, but still I love Snow White. She grabs the attention just as I would like her to, for her beauty not her savvyness. I'm not shallow.

This weekend it seems there is stacks of sports placards around the place and so many things for people to be able to get involved in, its fantastic. I cannot remember seeing this many anywhere that I lived. So it got me thinking again what team sport am I going to get involved in and what can I be putting on here to be getting our bodies endorphinised that we are propelled from our couches to our desks putting down our myriad of fantastic ideas?! Here's some I thought you mind like to try over the course of the links to follow. If however you want more..go here...Julia's Fitness Programs I hope you enjoy the workouts & the endorphins racing around your body! I'm off to a different beach this weekend to go Surfing again. Can't wait for it! Will blog soon, but will be writing even sooner! :)

Please note these images are used to provide a visual of exercises I normally complete myself as part of a program I design for myself as a sports trainer. These images are not my own. The connections to the originals can be found by clicking on the pinterest link.

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