Thursday, 7 February 2013

Day 5 & 6

How has the challenge been going? I have found that when you start looking for one thing in the day that you love you end up finding more. Today I share with you my Day 5 & 6, but this time I want to spend a little more time on it.


Two days I was asked by a 6year old if I would be happy to be introduced to her friend, also 6years old, because she felt that it would be very beneficial for this young girl to get to know me and also because my happiness could rise simply by knowing another person. At the base level, this I think is simply adorable- children have such a great way of discerning what is required and what isn't for others without even knowing what is going on with them, just like they know innately who and who not to spend their time talking to & they'll voice it in words and through their body language. While it made me a little chuffed for a little while that she considered me a special person worthwhile being introduced to I was far more grateful for the gift the little girl had given me. You see absolutely unbeknownst to her I had been trying to make friends for a while with all the new people in my community & I had been finding it hard- knock backs here and there or people who just don't return messages; this little girl made me realise that I was worthy of hanging out and taking time to get to know. Which I do know myself, but it is nice that somebody else reminds you sometimes.


Purchasing my coffee for the day- literally 5 minutes ago the lady at Jamaica Blue who probably knows me as 'medium skinny capuccino addict' gave me a random compliment, but then she preceeded to give 3 high-vis men advice and then wish a couple a fantastic day all the while being completely genuine. How refreshing!

So anyways there is just a couple of things, I'm sure we could all agree there would be lots but I think there is definitely something different between writing what you notice down and letting it slide by. I was once told by a University lecturer that it is best to write something and come back a few days or not a week later and re-read what you have written to ascertain whether the content really is what you desire. Admittedly being a bit of perfectionist and writing a minimum of 4 copies for every text I wrote since grade 10 this was something that would have been useful had I known it years earlier when I would hastily throw out what was probably perfectly good writing. Nowadays I make sure I go back and look at words I have written and I never fully discount a work. Message here- be critical but not so critical that you aren't effective and in fact produce nothing. Art work that is imperfect sells and art work that is perfect consistenly becomes boring, get away from a formula and find what works for you. Off to work now to hopefully infect minds with positive thought..will write again later. Enjoy whatever part of the day that you have.. :)


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