Monday, 4 February 2013

Fitness, Pinterest & Day 4 of The Challenge! :)

Good evening! Well its been a cracker of a day, 5am start at the gym to get the endorphins running, followed by work, catch up with a girlfriend and then a 4km time-trialled run to stretch out my legs from the morning's session. I don't know about you but those precious hours particularly in the morning are 'Golden Time.' It sets me up for my day & makes me feel ready to conquer anything & when I can't focus or write anything its the best thing to clear my mind. I used to run with music in my ears always, now I just soak up what's around me and listen to what's in my mind, I figure it needs to be paid attention to if its bothering me & worse case scenario I can push myself to the point where my muscles or my training partner feels the brunt of my thoughts and emotions and when I'm done my mind is clear again. So naturally I suppose you'll notice below that I have listed exercise as my love for Day 4 of the February challenge. I think exercise is important to love instead of loathe; let's face it regardless of your shape and size we all get a physiological kick (endorphins!) out of partaking in physical activity.

My love of physical pursuits, achieving things with others and individually has spurred on what some would deem a crazy quest to continually conquer higher and higher mountains & yes Mt Everest is on my bucket list & will be climbed soon :). But despite whatever pursuits one has with fitness, literature, art one thing never changes- do it for you & do it out of passion.

Interested in kick starting your fitness? Instill a love for a great healthy body (not a skinny one- that's overrated)! Then follow this link for some great exercises I use regularly-

Till next time, keep smiling, loving the simple things & taking chances! :)


#4 I LOVE physical activity & its ability to release you from all the stresses you can get from work etc, I love that it always gives back to you no matter what. You never feel bad for going for a run, doing push ups, kicking a ball or taking a hike up a mountain. Pretty sweet! :)

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