Thursday, 14 February 2013

Happy Valentine's Day!

Love is said to be many things but in my experience being in love is something you don't need to think about, the three words leave your mouth as a natural exhalation. They are a confirmation of one's actions not a solitary effort. Therefore, not needed to be said but essential to say if you want your special someone to feel loved. Love manifests itself in many forms, friendship, relationships with family not just with a person who makes us feel validated most. The most important love though is honest love of yourself, without it no one can truly love you or love all of you. So alone or not Valentine's day is a sweet day. Celebrate your awesomeness, the awesomeness of your friends, your partner, your husband, your wife for all of who you and they are- good and not so good. If you have a someone special enjoy your blessing. If your single; enjoy your chance to be independent that bit longer and look forward to that exciting moment where your stopped in your tracks with the realisation of the awesomeness you have just found in another person. I hope you all enjoy Valentine's day!


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