Tuesday, 21 May 2013

A winter surprise

So this morning I woke to a sore throat, body aches and the fresh wooden floor freezing my feet. Winter is definitely here, I have been waiting for it for so long and now I've got the gift of winter...flu like symptoms.

I can't say that it wasn't possible working with children who have the potential to carry a multitude of germs ready to say hello to you at any given moment, but I'm not disappointed. Of course it would be better that I wasn't lying on my back wishing the pains away but I think probably I have become ill because of doing too much lately, so my body is saying, 'time out'.

We've probably all encountered it or if not, you've probably thought for hours on end why in the world did my life come to a crashing stop..hate to tell you but its probably the universe or God (whichever you believe in) telling you its time to look after yourself. Take the hint, don't be sad about it, just look after yourself before stuff gets worse.

I mentioned before that I feel like at times life hasn't begun and you would have noticed the array of extra-curricular I get involved in I should be blissfully content but for a  little while I've just felt 'meh'. 'Meh' to me is that feeling of nothing, lacking positivity and easily negative. My mind typically easy to get out of 'meh' mode has been cruising in it for a few weeks. I adopted others ideas of ways to lift your spirits, got involved in empowering/helping others, gave myself a new hobby, treated myself and immersed myself in all things positive but I kept cruising. Its mighty annoying when you feel like that and you're not sure how to overcome it.

So to save the risk of a doctor telling me I'm clinically depressed (when I'm probably really just in a rut & probably putting up those roadblocks), and need medication to be blissfully happy about everything I took to the pen. My results...

Exactly what I knew all along. Mind blown, attitude revolutionised to a new mindset. You see it doesn't matter what I created just that I was creating something and it was about me, for me and by me. It allowed a little selfishness. Result? Much better than a crazy mind now freed from its straight jacket; instead 4000 hits on this blog in 2 days. Insanity. How did I do it?...I wrote without thinking; by being personal I became 'relate-able' & I allowed myself to be selfish for the sake of my sanity. The bonus was the response I received for doing something that wasn't a task but a joy & that (until now 3 days later) I didn't know had gained the response that it did. Now that to me is...


Thanks to all of you who have been reading, pleased to see more people joining up as regular followers & of course I'm still stoked for those sporadic viewers- I hope that something you read even once writes a creative thought in your mind.

Ciao, Jules

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