Saturday, 18 May 2013

Day 16- plotting your 'lot'

Ahh my 'lot in life' huh...well first I must say this is an idiom of which I was not privy to so thank goodness for the Internet I now have an idea of what to write! Haha.

My lot in life I've been dealt so far I can't really complain. Even the times I thought everything had gone to poo I really had been blessed with amazing people who continue to bless me with their humaneness & I'm constantly surprised. So appreciative of that, but I do still struggle as everyone does with something.

Sometimes I feel like life hasn't started. Sounds crazy, I've travelled to 8 countries, played semi professional football, started my own fitness group to motivate women to mingle and support each other towards happy health goals, I've received an audience with parliament over desired education reforms, become a sports trainer, an Australian football coach, a lifesaver, had a book dedicated to me, write this blog & lived in another country. Even when I say it out loud I think..your crazy look at all that, but it doesn't really change much.

I think I'm what magazine quizzes would deem as an 'overachiever'...I fill my time up with so much stuff to fill a void but it doesn't fill the void that as silly as it might sound my biggest goal is to be a wife, mother and have a happy house. I suppose being so goal driven in sport since I was 12 has built this drive in me that if I set goals things will happen, for the house yes but finding the right Having (I could if I didn't care about child stability and a father figure but its too important to me).

So what does an overachieving, goal driven psycho maniac do? Cos lets face it your probably thinking I'm the girl with the scary eyes in a pub hunting. Actually I'm pathetic.

A guy would literally have to poke me in the eye with a sharp fork for me to know they are interested..instead ill be thinking he might be nice but I'm paralysed by the metaphorical glue on my seat. Instead...I've set a goal to travel the world falling in love with cultures and experiences (its way too easy) until I'm lucky enough for my 'lot in life' to be filled with a person who proves super-dooperdom.

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