Wednesday, 8 May 2013

I love a good challenge! #everydayinmay bonanza!

What's one way you challenge yourself during a challenge? That's it! By not completing posts on time and making an EPIC challenge! Lots in store for you today. I hope you enjoy. Ps: Day 7 & 8 is on its way after work today in their own separate posts because I WILL get back on track to individual posts! Enjoy xo

Day 4- Favourite Quote

Asking a writer what your favourite quote is, is like asking a single woman to pick the best bodied AFL footballer in the league, your gonna end up with ooh and ahhs but really so many are equally delicious. So today I share a plethora of my favs; I think you'll find a common theme. Can you guess it?
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Day 5- Admiration Station

You may have spotted this woman before, she has stellar blue eyes with particles of green, a pixie blonde haircut and a fearless attitude. A baby won't stop here from achieving everything at once, no no no. She's the supermama from down under, fellow blogger Bettina Rae from Little Old Souls.

Creative designer, blogger, sewer, HTML guru, group coordinator, events manager, teacher, master & last but not least mother and great personal friend. What she does is inspiring, her attitude is inspiring. Being a stress head it's lovely to have a friend who is a cucumber. Cool, calm & collected yet a little crazier than you at times. Bettina will burn herself to the ground for her friends and family before she's realised her health is gone; completely selfless & certainly a blogger to look up to. If you haven't checked her work out, purchased her good or asked to join her group for Aussie Bloggers what are you doing? Seriously.

Day 6- What am I?

I sing in cars, kitchens and bathrooms. I fill their whole spaces with melodious tunes, sometimes their high, sometimes their low, sometimes their ridiculous too.

I sit around reading faces, watching bodies and watching spaces; listening for their stories and listening for their tunes; they all create their own stories for you.

I write in books and napkins too, anywhere, anything I can find I will use.

I'm not typically a poet so ill break now to say... Aside from singing and writing, Ill go exercising & make sure I have quiet time sometime during my day. But basically if I had another title other than what my quals & degree give me, I wish that it says that I infect others with a little HAPPY.

-ps: no intention for rhyme there it just happened, I'm actually pretty terrible at it so apologise for the hilariously appalling attempt.

For Day 7 & 8...stay tuned!

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