Sunday, 12 May 2013

Happy Mother's Day!

First and foremost I must say HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to all those mummy bloggers out there! I think its so inspiring that you get the time to blog, network and raise children. For those who are not, I hope EVERYONE has a fabulous day with their mother or talking to their mother on this very special day.

Being a mother is such a huge job, right from the start there is so much to consider and then mum's keep it up all throughout our years. This year, like every other year I have to say thanks to my mother, Christine.

She's one lovely lady. If you could spot a women in a room just helping people because she could it would be my mum. She doesn't demand recognition for what she does and it speaks so clearly with the relationships she has with others. Mum hasn't always had it easy with family and with 'friends' but she has always stuck true to who she is and I'm proud of that. I'm super proud of her for breaking the mould she was worried to perpetuate with us as well (from how her Mum was with her); that's one hard task.

Today, there's plenty going on for me, I'm starting off by gifts with mum (once she wakes), then I'm off to support a friend who is running 8km run for a breast cancer charity, followed by a surprise lunch and the best gift yet..good quality time. So speaking of be going.

Enjoy the special moments today. Till next time (day 13 haha)...

Jules :)

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