Thursday, 2 May 2013

Day 1- Blog every day in May

Day 1 leaves me talking about myself and my life. So here goes..enjoy!

250 words for a 27year old life, that’s what I call a challenge.

I’m Julia Trask, 27 year old fiery redhead who is motivated, passionate and pretty random at times. My life has been a rollercoaster like everyone’s I suppose. If my life was a photo reel it would include me being cheeky as a child and an adult, playing my first love; soccer; teaching the teddies, now students- but sometimes it feels like the same thing; and wishing I would be a famous singer one day.

So come 27, I have not yet reached my goal of being a singer, unless you count people dancing, clapping and singing along to my tunes at Karaoke each week. Though I am a teacher (by qualification- to name just one), still cheeky, passionate about everything I love or feeling strongly about. I’m the kind of woman that when someone says, ‘you can’t’ I say ‘well watch me.’ This has led to failed attempts at Surprise Chef, getting an offer to join the AIS at age 14 (later fell through but I don’t feel like talking about dodgy sporting politics), moving overseas on my own & not taking no for an answer; though clearly that is not always an ideal approach.

There’s plenty really I could say but I’d rather sum it up like this. I love life, sometimes I hate it, sometimes I want to change the world and I try (without realising I should change myself too). I’ve become Julia because I’ve felt grief from a very early age, learnt about my own fears inside out and overcome my own demons willing me to give up. I don’t do anything without knowing its purpose. I’m a say it like it is woman who believes everyone is important and should know they are loved.
I regret nothing as I’m fuller because of everything I’ve experienced and I wish for much. I can’t wait (but I can) for what’s next and the joys it’ll bring. And probably most of all I feel humbled by how much I’m loved and cared for unconditionally. I’ll keep making mistakes, being foolish, probably fall for a few more jackasses before my knight and shining armour (seems I have the ‘Jackass please’ label tattooed to my forehead), talk to my girlfriends about pointless shit, change careers, sing loudly without giving a hoot and get foot and mouth syndrome several more times. But I’ll also be blessed, loved beyond my own belief, experience things I never thought I would and never stop being passionate.

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