Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Day 19- Blogs to love

This ones all about my favourite blogs. I could really list a lot here but instead I'm going to list those that resignate with me on multiple levels. Check them out, it'll be worth it!

1. 2 Sporks 1 cup- this is a blog about travel. There are some great tips, super photography & the author loves going on epic adventures including hiking. Totally up my alley.

2. My Brown Paper Packages- this is the GO TO blog. It's a blog written by a mother who cleverly targets so many aspects of life that she really reaches a far wider audience than just Mum's. There's craft, clever tips, recipes, little muses and general 'mummy' joy that she shares. Lighthearted fun reads.

3. Meet, Plan, Go!. This is a travel & career break blog that gives you the tools to plan, prepare and deal with the return from a great travelling trip or a career break. I especially love when they discuss the options of volunteering in different countries doing significant work. They also have writers who were once travellers being supported in their work via blogging and I'm all for that.

4. Little Old Souls; a mummy blog by a great friend Bettina. What is the best about this is that Bettina has managed to achieve a niche with her vintage, classy approach to products. She also celebrates Australian blogs and Australian bloggers- which definitely deserves a shout out! If your not a mummy (which is me) you can still find the right gifts when in need!

5. Healing with Art; this a blog I stumbled across whilst using Facebook. This Australian blog/facebook page shares uplifting messages for others, great artwork (some created individually) and also occasionally has some great personal little muses- all focused on loving each other and caring for each other and I think that is just...what the world needs now!

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