Saturday, 11 May 2013

The days go by...

Well it's the weekend already and I'm looking forward to putting up my feet after a well earned few days rest. Before I can thought, here's the posts for #everydayinmay challenge. I hope you are enjoying it so far. Is anyone else out there doing it?

Day 8- Come sit on my couch...its 'give some advice' day

I've learnt so many things so far in my life and I'm looking forward to learning more as I see more of the world, met more people and learn more about myself. For now though here's what I've got...
-Every moment, everyone is a gift. They are selectively chosen to be part of your life and they all play a role, minor or major they are all significant.
- Things ALWAYS happen for a reason. We don’t have to understand why, but always trust in the knowledge that it’s shaping us towards better things.
Life has hardships and they’ll hurt, tear down your emotions, break down yourself and make you want to give up but they’ll be what you remember most as the things that made you ‘you.’
- Love is something that we are gifted to receive and enjoy. It presents itself in the form of one time encounters with strangers, family, special loved ones, friends, our pets and most of all through everyday grace we seemed baffled at times to receive. It never tears us down or makes us feel small.
- No one is better than the next. We all need each other- hardship teaches us our own humanity.
- People will always surprise you, pleasantly. Never stop believing in that.
Focusing on one thing always never gets you anywhere; invest time in several interests and places for the most fulfilment.
You can do anything you want. No one is stopping you, you just need to get off your gluteals and do it! After all regret is only your friend, not your partner’s/parents’. 
-  The world is your oyster, you are missing out ENTIRELY if you do not go and see it. It will broaden your horizons and your mind. Plus if you have lost love for something travel always gets zest back.

Day 9- A moment in time
Photo: 5am...when the day begins #everydayinmay
The moment in time that I am sharing with you for day 9 is actually a moment in time that is repeated each day, kind of like my groundhog moment if you like. It's where I get in the car at 5am, hit the gym, the pool or both for a couple of solid hours of exercise. Sets my day up just perfect. :)

Day 10- A highly embarrassing moment

In my second year of University I began on journey towards skinny-dom by indulging myself in the ever so tasty fruit and vegetable diet. For 6weeks fruit and vegetables was all you were allowed to eat. At week 7, 2 glasses of red wine a week, 2 serves of fish and 2 serves of bread were introduced. That was like gold; the previous weeks left me hungry, tired and throwing down supplements just to keep my body going. One night on campus college mates were having a party, I got excited at the prospect of enjoying a glass of wine though my University mind took over. You see, I thought it would be far more logical to buy a cask of wine as opposed to a bottle because I would be saving money..go figure what I was thinking there.

Needless to say when the game of Kings began and I arrived to the party in a Hollywood taped shirt with no back it all took a surprising and embarrassing twist. I decided at one point it would be a great idea to join my friends who were dancing on their tables and chairs, 'cept I couldn't quite figure out why all of a sudden everyone was staring at me and no one was talking. (You can probably fill in the gaps). It wasn't until my lovely friend Ben came along, swept me up and took me away and gave me a shirt that it all clicked.

As for me I'm glad it happened after a couple of wines (you turn cadbury when you haven't had a sip of anything other than water, milk and 1 glass of pure juice a day!) and without my knowledge because there's NO way I'd do anything like that by my own choosing. Hahahaha. Ahh old days.

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