Friday, 3 May 2013

Day 3: Blog every day in May

Things that make me uncomfortable

Being uncomfortable is something that most people don't aim to achieve. It can be people, events, attitudes or places that make us uncomfortable. For me I find that all these things are affected by the comfortability of our past. As in, if we have pleasant memories they leave pleasant memories, if not then we are uncomfortable. Being uncomfortable is good I think, it challenges people to think outside their own box. Therefore we ought to all be uncomfortable for the sake of being better. I get challenged on my own uncomfortabilities frequently, so I think this list will change but still here it is.

  • I have Indigenous friends, I love them they are great value but I'm extremely uncomfortable that their children have much higher paying jobs (some don't work at all as well) and they do not have to pay anything off a house for the first 5 years of their loan, they don't cop any interest for this time period either. It sits with me rather unwell and makes me quite full of rage because I personally contribute significantly to society, bettering the lives of many of these children and yet because of my skin colour and heritage I'm ostracised. I feel like I'm the target of reverse racism. It's not the only place it happens, if I ask an Indigenous person to do something before I have been told I'm racist, despite the fact that I have asked several people the same race as myself to do the same task. I don't think it is good enough and I also think those people are making their Indigenous culture look poor (and probably making true blue fantastic Indigenous role models uncomfortable themselves!)
  • Living in a town where the ratio of men to women is literally 30 to 1 is daunting. Especially since I'm single. I thought it would be fantastic but actually its not. It is confronting, sometimes pushy. You feel like you have to be on your guard all the time from the 'interesting' men...not so relaxing.
  • Telling someone who is older than you and therefore should be more mature that they are in the wrong/should grow up (especially in the workplace). We are all products of our family, and in most cases we replicate the examples our parents present unless we are brave enough to reject them (and that's in fact quite hard), but many people especially older people don't like being informed they are not doing things correctly or behaving in an immature manner. You never know whether they'll blow up or take it the way its intended, as constructive feedback.
  • This one you will probably laugh at but, MOTHS, yes MOTHS make me ridiculously uncomfortable. I scream, get scared and flap my arms about. All because a girl in primary school once had a reaction to the dust on a moths wings and got a lumpy reaction on her face. Either way its a mass fear.
So there you go...some uncomfortables, I could probably go on for a while but really your probably just nitpicking at life if its not what comes to you straight away. Will be writing soon you can guarantee it! Bon voyage!

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