Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Day 18- Challenger are you ready?!

Sunday morning, my sister, brother and I are looking for something to do. Since we don't have playstations or any other technology like many of our family friends we have become super good at inventing games. For the past month or so the three of us were avid viewers of Challengers and Gladiators- so naturally we added to concept of both games together and created our own concept in our yard.

First off the cab, abseiling off our verandah. My sister being the oldest had some knowledge of knots that my father had so aptly taught her when they would take the loads of green waste to the dump, so already we were well equipped for what lay ahead. I remember discussing carefully as a team, the design of a harness that we would make for each other out of Dad's red and white 50m extra-strong ropes. Once we had that down pat, we had decided that we would abseil off the verandah since abseiling from the roof was just crazy business. The problem was though that my brother and I (especially myself) were not so 'awake' to the task of holding on to someone's whole body weight and slowly lowering them down. Soon my sister was hanging from the verandah by her successful harness, my brother and I in stitches of laughter because our grand plan didn't work. Naturally, we re-thought the next process and decided to move away from abseiling to a zip-line approach. Problem was, where the harness accounted for safety the brick wall (to stop our fall & carefully covered in a single bed mattress- what were we thinking?!) far counteracted it. We did have successful goes- mainly my brother and sister though, I wasn't enough of a daredevil.

Then came the 'travelator'- this was easily created by a standing trampoline you would run at and hold on for dear life. I have no idea why we didn't get seriously maimed or worse during these games but they were blissfully fun and hilariously funny. Of course, being a member of our family meant that competitiveness was not a trait any of us were without. To end to Sunday morning (I think it was about 10am by this time) we decided to try zip-lining again except for some reason we thought it would be far more fun and safer to run it from the top of the verandah (the roof) to the letter box. How insane could we be?! Hahaha. We did it once before we realised that didn't work, but it was a great laugh and soon we were off satisfying other creative adventures.


I miss those days. Kids these days don't have these kinds of experiences. My parents, yes they could have been all 'don't do that' and all the rest however thank goodness they weren't, otherwise we would have never been healthy risk takers and well rounded people. Nor would we have such great memories if we didn't spend our childhood in our yard. I will always be utterly grateful to my siblings and my parentals, after all perhaps thats why I still have an imagination!

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