Tuesday, 28 May 2013

The lessons your education won't give you..

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Nelson Mandela is a dude who knows his stuff. Education has the ability to do so many wonderful things but our minds have the ability to do more.
Let me explain:
Anything is fantastic if we allow it to be. Sounds simple right? Well Education has the ability to profoundly effect children, give them belief in themselves beyond measure but it also has the ability to tear them down, build walls instead of pathways and hearts of cement instead of plasticine.
You see Education isn't just in the classroom and in fact education just about what happens in the classroom, fails at being true education. We've all heard the saying 'you never stop learning'. It is true, but you have to allow yourself to learn.
So here's my 3 tips that a formal education, like school, can't teach you:
1. When an event happens whereby you, your family or people around you are hurt you have a choice to learn from it or let it destroy you. Sounds dramatic- but by being ignorant we dig our own holes that only we are responsible for.
2. Learning about yourself isn't always an easy task, sometimes its painful and sometimes it takes painful things to know who you are but you have to accept ALL of you and FORGIVE yourself otherwise you won't ever get to experience those great joys we are all worthy of.
3. People will not always understand what you do or why you do it, but they don't need to as long as you have reasons and motives that are wholesome.

4. Do what you love. Money DOESN'T make the world go around and doing a love you don't enjoy will make you go crazy. But also realise sometimes you might be on the right continent in the wrong location for you to really flourish in your job. If you are not loving life as much think why? Is it the same reason and can you seriously do nothing about it other than to leave where you are? Then leave that 'space' nothing could be more liberating and EVERYTHING about you will be better for it.

5. People will learn what they want to. Sometimes leaving them to get their act together is the best thing you can do, it doesn't mean that you don't love or care about them, it just means you recognise there is nothing more you can do to help. Save your energy.

6. People may appear to be marvellous, don't rush into giving them all you've got, while its great to have faith, sadly there are some who are hoping you have just that and are waiting to use your great personality against you.

7. Be silly, help others & laugh till you get wrinkly- people only regret lines that weren't caused by joy. Unless their vain.

8. The kids that bully your child in class need help. It might be easy to blame them for being the jackass that caused your child pain, but guaranteed they are probably suffering from low self esteem. Beat the issue by offering GENUINE help. You'll be surprised of the reaction.

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