Monday, 6 May 2013

If life was a melody...

Do ever wonder what you life would sound like if it was a melody? Would it be the calming strum of an acoustic guitar, the banging of drums, or a combination of instruments that build up over the bridge of a song, then intricately tied together with the sweet ticklings of violin strings?

Some days life seems like the drum kit made out of saucepans eloquently provided by my mother. At the time I really thought she wanted to hear all the clanging, clashing and wooden spoon plonking but actually now I'm convinced perhaps the saucepan drum kit was a metaphor for the insanity she felt in her mind when we spoke, argued or couldn't figure out what to do. 'Bash those pans together kids and for goodness sakes shut up' I daresay was a phrase that has entered parents' minds a few times. I've even employed it in my workplace before, the old 'make noise but don't talk' business. Clever aren't we?

Removed from the chaos and nestled up into a great book, drizzly weather & a delicious woollen snood delicious folk music awakens the senses, whispering quietly in the ear and reminding you that music will over take your mind if you let it. Well it does for me anyhow. The fantastic ability it has to change your mood is astounding, its the same with words. A phrase once written well can affect your thinking profoundly, the length need not matter. Take these lyrics for example, 'Don't worry be happy now.' One of the simplest songs ever, great lyrics popped with a hip go-lucky tune and you've got the ability to make anyone smile. Clever. On a side note...

Ever been in the car and suddenly your not only singing but orchestrating to the 'occupants' of the car the highs and lows of the song's melody? So entranced the volume only makes it better, your heart encapsulates the song and your transported to some place else; meanwhile the passes by see you waving your hands and your mouth wide open singing so seriously as if someone cared what you were doing. It is a little embarrassing but that kind of music I love.

I remember going to work one day and a child saying to me, 'Miss I saw you travelling and your mouth was open, it was like you were yelling but no one was in the car, what's that about?' Hmm yes well embarrassing to say the least, but at least I was doing it proudly I guess....

I adore music. I does take me on a journey, aside from writing regularly, singing is one thing that makes me feel truly sane; removes the craziness of any day and levels me back down to happy Jules no matter the mood in seconds. I just love it.

What do you love?

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