Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Day 20, 21, 22 Every Day in May- Politics goes head to head with respect &...read for more

So Monday and Wednesday of the Every Day in May challenge leaves me with 2 topics:
  • My pet peeve (disrespect)
  • Something I'm struggling with (politics)
And..Tuesday well yesterday was all about linking up to my best blog posts. I'm not going to decide for you what your favourites are, that's the beauty of being a reader- you get to decide what you like and spend time enjoying that. So I'll leave you at your leisure with that one.

In the meantime let's knock two days over in one. As you can see from the dot points above my peeve and struggle really go hand in hand. After all how regularly do you see a politician NOT CHOOSING to be disrespectful to the other all for the sake of a vote? We could banter back and forward for weeks (Courier Mail's facebook knows it!) but we all know that our politicians aren't different to each other, they are playing the same tactics hoping for the same gain and wondering why they aren't getting an effect.

But let's talk more about that peeve. DISRESPECT. To be disrespectful to somebody else means that you value yourself over them and that you are fully prepared to be treated with disrespect for the lack of integrity and propriety you showcased. We are all human we have all been disrespectful, whether in a huff over our other pet peeves or simply because we're having an off day, but it doesn't make it right and we should fix it! What is worse is when we do this...

Choose to never say anything about anyone or anything because we fear we will offend someone. That is politics gone MAD. Must be politically correct, mustn't offend anyone...ok but when will anyone actually ever say ANYTHING? The election for the past few years is testament to this, and in several countries I'm sure, our politicians spend more time teaching youth to be disrespectful then building them up in the very characteristics we want the future leaders of Australia to have. We PAY for politicians to CHOOSE to be DISRESPECTFUL. Moral ground it doesn't exist. We can see that across and inside of individual parties. The question that begs for me the most is this...

Here I'm going to choose to write about a reform that has far reaching effects; since education is a foundation block for lifelong success.

Currently some pollies are signing up for Gonski and others are not, it is there prerogative but let's not be utterly senseless about this; we all know regardless of State that every teacher is going to be driven to madness with DATA & TESTING up to their eyeballs for the sake of Governmental demand not because it makes Education better...because it doesn't. 10 year old children are making mockeries of the 'Costello's' of the political world by everyday comments of 'well we know how to do a test, not another one, really why do we need to, why did we do that test if we don't get to know what we did wrong and could improve on? Or, why are we doing the test just to see if schools are the same? Seems pointless'. Children are not stupid, they are underestimated constantly.

There is not enough funding in schools, who gives a flying yo yo who gets funding in schools as long as it is done- then we don't need to keep hearing about teachers who have 12 year olds who cannot read above the age of a 5 year old because funding has been CUT by various Governments. The public is EXHAUSTED of the blame game, we don't want to hear who is responsible we want to know who is going to FIX IT, so quit the disrespect and do your job WE PAY YOU TO DO.

If one politician actually did this Australians would feel like they have a choice when it comes to election time, but right now there's no difference between our options no matter what way you look at it. Quit the disrespect, do your job and agree on stuff because its the right thing to do, not because its the popular thing to do..and for goodness sakes, if your so selfish you cannot, why do you want to be a part of running our country?

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